We lose things, and sometimes we find things. When we find what we’ve deemed as lost it’s either found just like we left it or we discover some differences from what our memory serves us. Whether we consider these changes as good, bad, big or small I think that completely depends on the perception of the person who has been seeking the whole time.

I’ve learned this lesson more than once and definitely with more than one person in my life. …

blown by the wind of time

rocked to the core by this climb

all that can be shaken has been

all that remains is truth

i have embraced the trembling

i have let my heart quake

gone are the false creations

behind me are the faulty foundations

i searched to find a book full of truth

so who am i to not flip the page

Within moments of accepting something we think is so good we can often begin questioning it starting with “wait, is this too good to be true?”

I’ve asked myself this question often enough to finally discover my answer, which is no. Rather, what I’m coming to understand is that things are only as good as they are true. If we’re putting honest effort into keeping things true and whole and real then the matter at hand will reflect that — therefore remaining good and complete and genuine.

Good things take effort, constant effort that is. Effort in sewing the right seeds, and not the ones of destruction. Can we honestly say things are too good to be true before we’ve done the due diligence?

When we go through things it is easy to isolate, that’s because it’s easy to tell ourselves “no one gets it, no one would reeeally understand.” And honestly, that is true. I am not you so I’ll never feel exactly what you feel. However, when we let that thought consume our mind we begin pushing away the things and the people that usually offer what we need. The thought we must focus on during those times is that life is meant to be shared, especially with those who love you.

Once we become aware of the ones who love us…

skin as soft as rose petals

with you is where my heart settles

heart as pure as gold

your hand in mine has me sold

life becomes more rich around you

more full, more real and so true

you are the treasure i been blessed to find

we’re getting better, more and more refined

cotton field in Atmore, Alabama 2018

I search for freedom to find in this day. Accepting what’s ahead and making way. I may have woken up with a heavy heart. But this morning that’s how I choose to start.

I wander over to the field full of cotton. I’m still — so I may think of the forgotten. And as I plant my feet in a solid spot. I remember for all which they fought.

Today this is one thing I will not take for granted. I’ll grab ahold of freedom which by seed was planted. Because I have the ability to pick as I please. I bid adieu to my worries for my soul it is at ease.

who taught me over and over to be patient — I now know that they don’t just wake up one day and become the butterfly.

who taught me that inner beauty is most attractive — I will remember that planting roots is more important than flaunting the blossom.

who taught me that birds recognize natural beauty — and that’s why they chirp and sing when I walk outside.

who taught me to let go of fear and be brave — I will always believe that faith the size of a seed can and will move a mountain.

who taught me that change starts with me — I will trust and obey for there is no other way to be happy than to trust and obey.

to the woman who taught, please don’t stop teaching

Being a part of the Black community can feel like making a choice between feeling or functioning almost daily. When you hear that, your first thought might be “but can we not do both?” The answer is yes, we absolutely can do both. But, when considering how much pressure there is on Black people to fall into the habit of pleasing others before ourselves, we can then acknowledge how much more of a challenge it is to do so. Even as we find the capacity to balance both feeling and functioning each and every day, it’s quickly deemed “excessive” or…

like a delicate dune evening primrose

you’ve withstood the coldest nights

standing alone yet standing tall

like an elegant mariposa lily

resistant to the waves of heat

stretching out, more beautiful than before

like the graceful golden suncup

your leaves carry no complaints

for it is your own space in which you thrive

in a place most of us never adapt to

your petals find comfort and growth

while your roots dig deep into purpose

a sensitive being in a harsh climate

yet never too frail to flourish

despite it all, you bloom

finding the will to survive your surroundings

here i find myself in forever admiration

hopeful that my essence meets your needs

never too much, never too little

for you, my desert flower

From waiting on the cookies to come out of my easy-bake oven all the way to waiting on a promotion at my job — I have always heard someone say good things take time. I never doubted this, but I don’t think I ever took those words to heart in my younger years, maybe because my immediate response was “well, how long?” and since no one could give me the answer I wanted, I just carried on in my impatient ways. As I’ve grown older I’ve begun to understand that people didn’t have my answer simply because no one but…

Rachel Brown

here to share a couple thoughts and stories

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